Fire Extinguishers

Mechanical Foam(Surfactant) Fire Extinguisher

Mechnical Foam(Surfactant) Fire Extinguisher

The main component of this product employs a surfactant that increases alcohol resistance, which remarkably enhances fire extinguishing capabilities for fires started from alcohol-blended fuel such as bioethanol(ETBE)mixed gasoline(E3).


  YVF-3 YVF-6 YVF-20
(Made to order)
Gross weight Approx. 5.80kg Approx. 11.8kg Approx. 39.7kg
Weight of agents 3.34kg 6.67kg 22.24kg
Total height Approx. 54cm Approx. 67cm Approx. 90cm
Total width Approx. 19cm Approx. 21cm Approx. 36cm
Discharge time(20℃) Approx. 40sec Approx. 64sec Approx. 121sec
Discharge range(20℃) 4 – 6m 4 – 7m 3 – 7m
Fire range
(Japanese standard)
A-2/B-6 A-3/B-12 A-10/B-20
Operating temperature range -20℃ to +40℃
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