YP ECO-Declaration

Yamato Protec believes that disaster prevention is an environmental issue.

Global environmental problems are of major concern and can be classified as to whether they concern the natural environment or the social environment. Yamato Protec operates in the latter field with its commitment to preventing disaster and ensuring safety, thus helping to solve environmental problems.

YP ECO-Declaration

Environmental issues, which encompass global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, shrinking tropical rain forests, and acid rain, are attracting global attention. In addition, dioxin pollution, water pollution, and other problems afflict our daily lives. Long-term solutions of these problems are needed.

Yamato Protec is dedicated to ensuring safety and convenience for everyone, and believes that disaster prevention is also an environmental issue.

We operate a "Four R's of the environment." policy, and encourage everyone to take action and play their part to improve the environment.

The four R´s are

  2. REUSE
  3. REDUCE(reducing waste)
  4. REJECT(rejecting the use of environmental pollutants)

We manufacture products in compliance with our unique company standards based on the four R's, and market them under the ECO-YAMATO logo (environment-friendly goods).

Each member of the company is encouraged to consider the environment in every activity. This means always saving resources and energy, while continuing to develop safe and convenient products.