Fire Extinguishers

Forest Fire Extinguishing Agent Support-P

Forest Fire Extinguishing Agent Support-P

A fire-extinguishing agent appropriate for fighting forest fires, which usually become fierce.


  • Very effective agent with all the necessary characteristics for extinguishing forest fires.
  • The extinguishing capacity is 4 times and anti-rekindling capacity is 7 times greater than that of water (both with 15% solution; comparison with our company data).
  • Strong anti-caking characteristics and long storage life.
  • Since the main ingredients are fertilizer components, the agent is not harmful to trees.
  • Its excellent adhesive property prevents excessive dispersion in aerial applications, resulting in greater efficiency of application.


Composition Ammonium phosphate, sulfate, anti-caking agent, adhesive, coloring agent
Property Red powder, neutral condition(pH 7-7.5:15% solution)
Density for use 10-15%
Particle size Not exceeding 50 micro m
Caking property Dry state can be maintained even after long-term storage.
Fire extinguishing capacity Four times greater than water(15% solution).
Class A-2 fire can be completely extinguished with 2.5 liters of the solution.
Anti-rekindling capacity Approximately 7 times greater than water(15% solution).
Safety Almost equivalent to fertilizers.
Package Tin can with inner polyethylene bag(containing 15g).