Fire Extinguishers

Residential Fire Extinguisher

Residential Fire Extinguisher

A dry chemical (ABC) extinguisher that conforms to standards for residential fire extinguishers.


  • Non-vinyl chloride extinguisher label reduces dioxin emissions.
  • A lightweight, easy-to-use extinguisher designed for elderly users.
  • Quickly extinguishes all kinds of initial fires including conventional, frying oil, heater, electrical fires, etc.es, etc.
  • Residential fire safety mark is attached.
    Ministerial ordinance for on-specification residential fire extinguishers No. 7 (as of February 24, 1993)


Gross weight Approx. 2.8kg
Weight of chemicals Dry Chemical(ABC) 1.5kg
Total height Approx. 38cm
Total width Approx. 13.2cm
Discharge time(at 20℃) Approx. 15sec
Discharge range(at 20℃) 3 – 6m
Temp. range -30℃ to +40℃
Approved No. 消第23~349号