Micro Fog System is a fixed low-pressure water mist system, protecting high risk areas, such as Main Engine, Generator Engine, Purifier (oil separator), Incinerator, Boiler front, in the machinery spaces.The System is designed for automatic, local and remote manual release. Water pump is designed for protection of largest single object. The suction of the pump will be connected to the fresh water tank on board.

System Description

The Micro Fog System strictly complies with the conditions of IMO MSC/Circ.913 and MSC/Circ.668.
The main characteristics of the system are as listed below.

1. The extinguishing medium is fresh water.
2. The system has a capacity to discharge the water mist continuously for twenty (20) minutes to the largest protected area.
3. The system is activated automatically for an unmanned machinery space, and manually for a manned machinery space.
4. The fire detection and the system control are not related to other fire alarm systems or other fire extinguishing systems, but is operated separately as an independent system.
5. The fire extinguishing performance complies with the requirements of IMO MSC/Circ.913 where 1MW and 6MW spray fires of light diesel oil should be extinguished within five (5) minutes.

System Specification

Design data
Power supply 440V, 60Hz
Design pressure 4.0bar
Design Water flow rate 13.9L/min
Maximum horizontal nozzle space 3.0m
Maximum nozzle height from object 13.2m
Minimum nozzle height from object 0.5 m