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Packaged Fire Extinguishing System1

Packaged Fire Extinguishing System1
Fire extinguishing agent container, starter, expellant gas for pressurizing, hose, etc., all included in one compact pack. Fully usable by one person, this low-maintenance apparatus is just what you need in place of an indoor hydrant. It is also widely used as a substitute for indoor fire hydrant systems.


Approved No. PG-039
Extinguishing agent Water containing type 3 lubricant
Extinguish agent testing/
Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute certificate
certificate Approx. 200kg
Gross Weight 81L
Extinguish agent cap -10℃ to +40℃
Discharge time (at 20℃) Approx. 180sec
Discharge range (at 20℃) Approx. 13m to 15m
Cabinet dimensions H1,400×W750×D230mm
Hose dimensions outer diameter 21mm×inner diameter12.7mm×25m