High Expansion Foam System

System Description

1. Yamato High-Expansion Foam System is a Fixed High-Expansion Foam Fire-Extinguishing System to flood the machinery space or other rooms with the high-expansion foam and to extinguish the fires there. A foam solution is prepared by mixing foam concentrate with seawater at the rate of 2% and foam is generated at foam generators in the expansion ratio more than 650 times.
2. It is an Inside Air Type High-Expansion Foam System, which utilizes the air in the protected spaces for foam generation. No air supply from outside and also no duct to transfer the foam are required accordingly.
3. The extinguishing performance strictly complies with the requirements in IMO standards and Japanese standards shown below.

a. IMO MSC/Circ.668 Appendix B and MSC/Circ.728.
b. IMO MSC/Circ.582 and MSC/Circ.670.
c. Japanese Fire Safety Regulation Annex 2-4.

System Specification

1.System Specifications
Followings are major specifications of the system.

2-1. High-Expansion Foam Concentrate
The high-expansion foam concentrate, designated as SPPF-2, has been developed by Yamato Protec Corporation specifically for the use of this system.

2-2. Foam Concentrate Tank
The foam concentrate tank is a tank to preserve the foam concentrate in a quantity equal to five times volume to flood the maximum protected space. The tank is equipped with a vent valve and a vacuum valve to keep the tank atmospheric, a safety valve to relieve the over-pressured concentrate from the foam concentrate pump and to return it to the tank, a level gauge and a drain valve.

2-3. Side Proportioner
Side proportioner is the equipment to prepare a foam solution at the rate of 2% concentration by mixing foam concentrate with seawater.

2-4. Foam Generator
Foam generator is the equipment to produce foam from foam solution within the protected spaces at the expansion ratio more than 650 times.
Following three models are provided.


Model Flow Rate of Foam Solution Foam Rate Operating Pressure at Generators Expansion Ratio
YHE-15 25L/min >16m3/min 0.4MPa >650
YHE-30 50L/min >32m3/min
YHE-60 100 L/min >65m3/min


2-5. Other equipment
(1) Foam Concentrate Pump :To supply foam concentrate.
(2) Emergency Fire Pump    :To supply seawater.
(3) Control Panel        :To control system operation.
(4) Manual Operating Box   :To activate the system manually.
(5) Alarms