Company Profile


Founded 17 January 1918
Tokyo Head Office 5-17-2 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071
Business Activities Design, construction management and maintenance of fire fighting equipment, fire alarm equipment, emergency guidance equipment, environmental pollution & disaster prevention-related work, piping work and electrical work; architectural design, construction and management; manufacture and sales of fire fighting apparatus and fire extinguishers; security equipment and related facilities.
Authorized capital funds 350,000,000 yen
Capital 99,000,000 yen
Site area 61,185m2 (Osaka, Tokyo)
Building area 24,900m2 (Osaka, Tokyo)
Employees 362(as of 1 January 2022)
Qualified Technicians First-class Architects, Second-class Architects, First-class Plumbing Work Operation and Management Engineer, Second Class Plumbing Work Operation and Management Engineer, Electric Works Specialist, Class A Special Group Fire Protection Equipment Engineer, Class A Fire Protection Equipment Engineer, Class B Fire Protection Equipment Engineer, High Pressure Gas Production Safety Management, High Pressure Gas Production Work Administrator, High Pressure Gas Production Sales Administrator

History of our Company

1918 The establishment of the company.The invention of foam extinguishing agent.Also, production and sale of fire extinguishers and devices are started.
1921 The acquisition of the patent for foam extinguishing agent. Our fire extinguisher and devices are accepted for ships of the formerly Japanese Imperial Navy.
1923 The name is changed K.K.YAMATO Shokai Seisakusho.
1949 Fire Service Law is instituted. Our fire extinguishers, Fire protection system and agent are designated as products used by the Occupation Forces stationed in Japan.
1963 Development on ABC dry chemical powder which is said to be a revolution in fire extinguishing agents. Extends its business to automatic fire detection system. The name is changed to YAMATO SHOKAKI CO., LTD.
1965 YAMATO enters the fire protection fields of building utilizing the fire extinguishing system technology in plants and hazardous construction.
1972 A comprehensive disaster prevention model building (5 story training center) completed in Mihara Town. (Present · Osaka factory)
1974 Tokyo branch office building (comprehensive disaster prevention model building) completed. (Present · Tokyo head office)
Construction contractor approval. General Construction Industry (Firefighting Construction Work) Permission for Construction Minister.
1980 Osaka factory completed.
1986 Release of reinforced liquid "neutral chemical" fire extinguisher.
1987 Release evacuation hatch "Lexter".
Participation in the Japan - China joint oil large - scale oil fire experiment.
1989 The name is changed to YAMATO PROTEC CORPORATION.
1995 Started to distribute "FM-200" Halon alternative fire extinguishing system and recorded the first installation in the domestic market ahead to others.
1997 Development of water discharge sprinkler fire extinguishing system.
1999 The declaration of Environmental Protection.
Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification at OSAKA FACTORY.
2000 Started exclusive supply of Micro Fog systems for ship use with NABCO ltd.
Recorded the first installation of Micro Fog Fire Extinguishing System.
2001 Tokyo head office acquired ISO 14001 certification. Acquired various classes of microphogs.
2002 Recycling center operation.
Delivery of closed type foam extinguishing "CF system" No. 1.
2003 Opened Yamato Protec VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.
2004 Powder with Eco Mark (ABC) Release fire extinguisher.
Established YAMATO PROTEC TAIWAN Co., Ltd.
2005 Residential fire alarm (smoke type) "Kempy" passed the Japanese firefighting test association appraisal.
2007 Completed new Tokyo Factory.
Opened the overseas base of YAMATO PROTEC in Vietnam.
Local company name: "YAMATO PROTEC (DONG NAI) Co., Ltd."
Acquired ISO 9001 certification for Tokyo Factory.
2009 YP DONG NAI Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
Acquisition of special case "wide area certification" by Minister of the Environment.
2010 Started waste fire extinguisher recycling system.
Declaration of extinguisher pressure storage.
Established "YAMATO PROTEC DALIAN Co., Ltd.".
(Currently integrated with "YAMATO PROTEC ELECTRON DALIAN Co., Ltd.")
2011 Established "YAMATO PROTEC (DONG NAI) Co., Ltd. Ho chiminh o f fi ce". Established "YAMATO PROTEC HANWA ASIA Co., Ltd."
(Currently · "YAMATO PROTEC ASIA Co., Ltd.")
2012 Started to distribute "ESPIO" automatic fire extinguishing system for kitchens.
Established YSB Co., Ltd.
2014 Established "YAMATO PROTEC ELECTRON (DALIAN) Co., Ltd.."
Acquired model No. 1 of "CF System II" foam fire extinguishing facility for specific parking lot.
2016 Established Facility Risk Consulting.
Established "YAMATO PROTEC KOREA Co., Ltd.".
2017 Started to distribute "K/SMOKE" fire extinguishing system.
2018 It marks the 100th anniversary of our foundation.
2019 Started to distribute "CX System " foam fire extinguishing facility for specific parking lot.
2020 Started to distribute "K/SMOKE PANEL" fire extinguishing system.
2021 Started to distribute "K/SMOKE GAS" fire extinguishing system.